Chicory is a herb with a lot of health benefits. Chicory root contains a special class of carbohydrates known as fructans, a group containing inulin and oligofructoses. Chicory root is commonly known as a coffee substitute or as an additive for coffee. It can also be used for treating conditions like loss of appetite, stomach upset, constipation, rapid heartbeat and many more.
Evening Primrose Seeds have amazing properties thanks to unsaturated fatty acids. The most important one is Gamma-linolenic acid - human body is not able to produce that acid itself and our food does not provide it in sufficient amounts. Gamma-linolenic acid supports proper development of nervous and muscle tissues, it also contributes to proper body mass. Thanks to it, we can achieve proper blood cholesterol levels, healthy skin, beautiful hair and strong nails.

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The nervous system is responsible for how we carry out everyday activities. That includes breathing, moving, seeing and thinking, among countless other abilities. By keeping our bodies healthy, active and hydrated, we can reduce the risk of our nervous system deteriorating.
It is widely believed to heal physical pains when used topically against the source of the aches. Though nettle is better known for treating muscle pain and arthritis, recent studies have confirmed that Nettle has powerful detoxing properties, too.

Insomnia and anxiety are problems that affect 1 in every 3 people worldwide.
Because of this, it’s important to find affordable ways to manage the symptoms that may arise from either disorder.
Fortunately, herbal remedies have been proven to address these (along with so much more). Here are 5 herbs used for treating anxiety and insomnia: