Chicory (Chichorium intybus) Dried Root Herbal Tea
Chicory is a herb with a lot of health benefits. Chicory root contains a special class of carbohydrates known as fructans, a group containing inulin and oligofructoses. Chicory root is commonly known as a coffee substitute or as an additive for coffee. It can also be used for treating conditions like loss of appetite, stomach upset, constipation, rapid heartbeat and many more.
Evening Primrose (Oenothera semen) Dried Seeds Herbal Tea
Evening Primrose Seeds have amazing properties thanks to unsaturated fatty acids. The most important one is Gamma-linolenic acid - human body is not able to produce that acid itself and our food does not provide it in sufficient amounts. Gamma-linolenic acid supports proper development of nervous and muscle tissues, it also contributes to proper body mass. Thanks to it, we can achieve proper blood cholesterol levels, healthy skin, beautiful hair and strong nails.

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Southernwood - great worm repellent but not only...

Southernwood can remove parasites and worms from the intestines, support digestion, stimulate appetite, treat menstrual disorders, coughs, bronchitis, catarrh, mucus, and congestion. It may have a diuretic and diaphoretic effect. It may have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Comfrey ointment – a natural remedy for pain, swelling and bruises
Comfrey ointment for skin problems. You can make it yourself. Comfrey root ointment relieves joint and muscle pain and accelerates the healing of wounds and burns. It accelerates skin regeneration, relieves the symptoms of psoriasis, has a strong moisturizing and soothing effect on atopic dermatitis.
Lemon balm - properties and healing effects

Lemon balm, thanks to relaxing properties, is mainly used for anxiety and neurosis. It may also help with sleep problems. But that is not all. Lemon balm can improve digestion and relieve menstrual pain. It is also recommended for improving memory and concentration and for nausea during pregnancy.