Our Herbs

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Our herbs come from all over the world but mostly from the north-eastern part of Poland, from one of the cleanest part of the country. This area is mainly dense forests of varying topography. Thanks to these conditions, a lot of different plants can be found there, many of which are gathered as herbal resources.

This area received organic certification, what allows us to carry out our operations and gather plants from their natural habitats without any negative impact on the local environment. Rich flora and fauna, as well as centuries-old trees are a testament to the purity of local air, soil and ingredients we gather.

While collecting herbs, great care is exercised to the aspects of nature conservation. The vast majority of our products have ecological certification. It means that their ingredients were either grown on certified farms or were gathered from their natural habitats, from certified areas. Production process is also being monitored.

Ecological ingredients and resources cannot be contaminated, which means that the soil cannot be sprayed with pesticides, seeds cannot contain chemical compounds or genetic modifications, animals must be fed with certified (ecological) feed, forage must be free from additives improving animal’s efficiency and productiveness, animals cannot receive any hormones or other substances influencing or changing their metabolism.