Did you know that herbs can support weight loss?

Did you know that herbs can support weight loss?
A slimming diet requires reducing caloric intake and physical activity. Weight loss can be aided with herbal teas. Herbs contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids that strengthen the body and improve its functioning, e.g. by helping to improve metabolism, reduce appetite, regulate glycemia or improve kidney function.

A healthy weight loss process should not be limited only to losing weight. It is very important to cleanse the body of toxins, normalize cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood and blood pressure. Herbs can be used to improve metabolism. They support the reduction of fat tissue, cleanse the body of toxins, strengthen the immune system, have diuretic, anti-inflammatory and laxative properties, as well as reduce stress. The properties of herbs depend on the presence of flavonoids - natural antioxidants, alkaloids, phenols, tannins, saponins and pectins, mineral salts and vitamins.

Herbs for digestion and metabolism
The list of herbs for weight loss includes those that regulate digestive processes and improve metabolism. Their action has a positive effect on the digestive tract, supports liver function and lowers LDL cholesterol levels. Herbs that accelerate metabolism stabilize blood glucose levels.
Such actions are characterized by, among others:
- peppermint
- rosemary
- lemon balm
- dandelion
- heartsease (wild pansy)
- chamomile
- couch grass
- sage

Diuretic herbs for weight loss
During the weight loss process, when we start to intensively lose unnecessary kilograms, numerous toxins are released from the fat tissue. Diuretic herbs can help cleanse the body of unnecessary substances. Infusions of these herbs not only have a detoxifying effect, but also accelerate metabolism, improve kidney function, and facilitate the removal of excess water from the body. These include:
- nettle
- horsetail
heartsease (wild pansy)
- lovage leaves
- couch grass
- birch leaves

Herbs to reduce appetite
Among the herbs that support weight loss, it is worth paying attention to herbs that suppress appetite. Some herbs, thanks to their fiber content, may reduce appetite. Fiber in the form of mucous substances increases its volume in the body in contact with fluids, prolonging the feeling of satiety and reducing the feeling of hunger.
Herbs that suppress appetite include:
- linseed
- coltsfoot
-  marshmallow root
- buckthorn bark
- white mulberry.

There is no clear scientific evidence that herbs have a slimming effect. However, they can support the weight loss process. Herbs naturally help to get rid of excess water from the body, reduce fat reserves, reduce appetite, regulate glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood, and also have a laxative and metabolism-regulating effect. Individually selected to suit your needs, they can provide good, natural support for the weight loss process, but before starting treatment, you should consult a doctor or phytotherapist, as herbs may have an antagonistic effect on the medications you are taking.