Organic Rock Rose Herb (Cistus incanus) - natural protection against ticks

Rock Rose Herb (Cistus incanus) Herbal Tea

Cistus incanus is a very popular herb that drunk regularly, provides health and a nice look. Cistus tea, due to the high content of polyphenols, strengthens the immune system and adds energy. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms and fungi and soothes inflammation.

In the spring and summer season, it is worth taking interest in this herb because it also protects against ticks.

Check how it's possible.

Cistus incanus - natural protection against ticks for you and your pets

Ticks are animals classified as a group of arachnids. They are parasites that pose a serious threat not only to animals, but also to humans. Diseases spread by ticks - especially Lyme disease and tick-borne meningitis - can have a fatal effect on health and even life. Is it therefore necessary to completely resign from visiting risky places - forests, meadows, parks? Of course not.

Phytotherapy recommends certain herbs against ticks, one of them is Cistus incanus.
Ticks are sensitive to smell. It turns out that the Cistus incanus contains in its composition a substance that is irritating to these arachnids. Regular drinking of the infusion will not only strengthen our body, but also provide protection against ticks. Along with that, the body exhaled metabolic products, including the substances found in the infusion. Our skin smells unpleasant for insects and they try to avoid us. For people this smell is imperceptible.

The Cistus incanus infusion can also be applied directly to the skin. For this purpose, make a strong decoction, pour it into a bottle with an atomizer and spray the skin or clothing. Such a preparation can also be sprayed in the air, in places where we are most exposed to tick attack.

Cistus incanus infusion is a natural product, it does not contain harmful chemical substances.

You can also spray your pet with spray from Cistus incanus. Dogs and cats are very vulnerable to ticks. Such natural protection will not harm the animal.

Regularity is the key!

Unfortunately, it is not enough to drink Cistus incanus tea for a few minutes before going outside. If we want to get protection, we should drink it regularly and for a long time.

You can add lemon and honey to the infusion. They will enrich the taste and make the tea even healthier.

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