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Tea Herb Mug Cup with Stand and Flower Infuser 9.8fl oz - Dots

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Mug Leaves additionally equipped with a silicone stand and a tea infuser. The silicone stand prevents the cup from slipping on the table, also protects its surface from possible scratches. A charming brewer will make the favorite drink pleasant.
Sweet cups are made of high quality New Bone China porcelain. Suitable for use in a microwave oven and a dishwasher. Packed together with a silicone infuser in a pvc box.

Sweet porcelain is perfectly smooth and shiny, has a hard enamel, so its surface is resistant to scratches cutlery.

  • Attractive Design

Mug specification:

  • New Bone China porcelain
  • Capacity 9.8fl oz
  • Diameter 3.15in
  • Height 3.15in

Infuser specification:

  • Silicone
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